Donald Trump

While I am not a huge fan of Donald Trump I think he is doing something worthwhile. He is taking the control from the media. The so called media is only echoing the dems and liberals.


I think Dr. Ben Carson would be a great president. The worst person will be Jeb Bush.

iTunes has become one of the worst products out there.

I have used iTunes since 1.0. I have liked iTunes until some of the more recent versions that have come out. Starting around 10 iTunes went to hell in hand basket and has been on the straight and narrow to hell.

I cannot have playlists in their own window. Really Apple? Why would you remove this ability?

Music is lost all the time and on a regular basis. The files are still there but iTunes cannot find them.

Finding things is a chore. I HATE the find “feature” in iTunes.


On the iOS side: The STORE button while nice to take me to the store. Does so all the time. I have disabled store with cell data.



I choose freedom, not serfdom. I choose liberty not slavery. I choose to be the 1%.