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I am always trying to find some new things things that are really cool. You know like cheap flutes for sale from guitar center and other fun things. I also like my new iPhone and iPad they make like quite a bit easier when reading books. That sayingg I am not sure I am fan of iBooks.

I do like the Kindle app though.

Well I hope you have good day.

And let me guess

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This is all the fault of the US.

“Measuring just 4880 kilometers across, Mercury is a small world. The planet became slightly smaller as its interior cooled, which caused Mercury to shrink, buckling its surface and creating numerous cliffs and ridges. Now, after studying 5934 of these features, researchers report online today in Nature Geoscience that Mercury’s contraction was much greater than previously thought: During the past 4 billion years, the planet’s diameter decreased by 7 to 14 kilometers. The greater estimate of shrinkage accords with models that predict how much a rocky planet should contract as its interior cools; the new work may also lend insight into the evolution of extrasolar planets that, like Mercury and unlike Earth, lack any moving continents.”

The difference a GF makes

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SO now that my son has a girlfriend, finally, he has become interested in obtaining jewelry. He bought his GF (after the real ring of course) a really nice birthstone jewelry which he will giver to her later. He decided to buy several pieces now so that later one when he may not have enough money he can give her presents later.

I think this is a good idea.

Have a great day

Now she cares

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“In an extraordinary public accusation, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee declared on Tuesday that the CIA interfered with and then tried to intimidate a congressional investigation into the agency’s possible use of torture in terror probes during the Bush administration. The CIA clandestinely removed documents and searched a computer network set up for lawmakers, said Sen. Dianne Feinstein in a long and biting speech on the Senate floor. In an escalating dispute with an agency she has long supported, she said the CIA may well have violated criminal laws and the U.S. Constitution.”

2006 Jetta TDI Parts

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Here are items for the 2006 VW Jetta TDI. This is the latter model made after May as there are some differences and in particular the fuel filter.

OIL Mann-Filter HU 719/7 X Metal-Free Oil Filter

Oil and yes I know there is much question about oils.

Castrol 06249 EDGE 5W-40 SPT Synthetic Motor Oil – 1 Quart Bottle, (Pack of 6)

Best Life Hack — going to jail

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This is from Reddit.

OP, first, good luck to you. It’ll be the longest 6 months of your life. Some tips:

-Read a lot. Seriously, grab anything you can and read it. Even if its some crappy Harlequin story or some boring 600 page Russian novel. It’ll keep you busy because boredom will become your biggest enemy. 6 months feels like 6 years when you can literally hear each second ticking by in slow motion and you only have your thoughts and regrets to keep you company.

-You may be a cool guy, but even in county lock-up there will be dicks with chips on their shoulders. They are pissed they are there (or back in there) You might not even mean to offend someone and end up doing so. Best way to avoid that is to simply keep quiet. The less your mouth moves, the safer you’ll be.

-You’ll find friends. I don’t mean that in a funny ha-ha way either. They’ll be some other guys like you in for some petty or stupid stuff. They don’t want to hassle anyone either, and those are good people to get in with. You’ll meet them during food breaks. Don’t sweat it, everybody wants friends, its natural. Prison is like high school though, there are cliques, just some of these cliques would gladly body slam you onto concrete.

-Even among your new “friends” don’t give out too much personal information. Some of these guys are financial scammers that are no threat to you on the inside, but outside is a different story. You might get tight with someone and be tempted to get in touch with them on the outside after your sentences are done. Don’t do it. You were both in there for a reason. Move on with your life, don’t let that element be a part of your new start.

-Probation: You’ll probably have probation once you finish your time: Admiral Akbar said it best: IT’S A TRAP! If you miss one probation meeting, lose one piece of their paperwork, get a single parking ticket, even get pulled over, they can and might send you back to jail all over again. Probation is a minefield. Fear it more than prison. If your lawyer can arrange it, see if they will trade a few extra weeks in jail vs. 2-5 years of probation. I now that sounds insane, but trust me, it’s a fantastic bargain. Probation sucks beyond words; they show up at your work, they pee test you on demand, it is just a nightmare. Avoid it if you can, even at the expense of a longer term. Counter-intuitive, but its true.

-***The food is purposely designed to make you constipated! It is high in salt and low in moisture because the Achilles heel of all prison staff is the potential for inmates with diarrhea. This is done on purpose for sanitary reasons, but it is going to be a big inconvenience for you, so just know that going in. Drink plenty of fluids. Also, a prison saying goes, “sleep late, gain weight”. It’s easy to get fat in jail because you eat regularly but get almost no physical activity. Watch out for that. Food is currency by the way. Don’t like that imitation “apple sauce” on your plate? Someone else loves it and will gladly trade you for something you do like. Better yet, give it away as a grand gesture and build good will. Just say to them “hey, you can help me out one day”, but don’t ever cash that chip in. Being beholden on the inside means a lot to some people.

**COMMISSARY:. This is an “account” that your family/friends can put money into so that once a month you can buy certain items. You’ll already be provided with basics like soap & toothpaste, but other luxuries like dandruff shampoo, small candies, etc you have to buy with money from your account. Not everyone has someone on the outside to fund their Commissary account, so be careful about scammers that want you to order stuff for them and will “pay it back”. They won’t. Tell them you used up all your funds already and nobody outside will put more in.

Phone calls: Your mom or dad might want to visit you. DO NOT LET THEM. Do something right for once in your life and don’t make your friends/family go to jail to visit you. Just talk to them on the phone. You will hate yourself forever if you have to think that your mom or dad had to stand in line waiting to get frisked before being allowed into the video conferencing room full of crack whores trying to talk to their locked up pimps.

Your cell: You might have one to yourself, you might have bunk-beds and a roomie, but if you are in county (not state prison), you will probably be living in an open-plan communal “pod” with bunk beds everywhere. You might get to pick your bed, you might not, it depends on the prison. If you get to pick, always go for the lower bunk, always. The bunks are high and to get down you have to drop, there are no “stairs” or footholds. You could bend an ankle. At best you are going to make a loud “thump” that wakes up your roomie. If your roomie doesn’t like you, “You’re gonna have a bad time.

Don’t believe the sexual attack stories: Yes, of course they happen, but you are in prison. You are being video monitored 24/7, everyone’s activities being tracked constantly. They make these places so that you DONT have anywhere that is “private” or unseen. That means they can and do monitor you while you are bathing or taking a dump. Your privacy is gone, accept that now. You will be taking dumps in full few of either your roommate, the entire pod, certainly video monitors which can be female guards, etc. When you come out, it is the thing you will treasure most; a long dump in the privacy of your bathroom with the door closed.

FEMALE GUARDS are common in mens prisons. They are allowed to monitor you during your showers, bathroom time, sometimes even during strip searches. Most are not hot and most have attitudes so that you know they mean business. This will be the most embarrassing part of your jail stay. Sorry. Be ultra-polite to them, no flirting. The other guards treat them like their little sisters. Fuck with one or show to much affection to one and the male guards will make your life miserable.

Finally, yeah, leave your computer running and mine some dogecoin, not a bad idea. You’ll be okay, mate, you’ll be ok.

Edit: Added some helpful details.

Edit 2: Wow, some of you either find this very informative or are smiling recalling your own encounters with our wonderful penal system.

Edit 3: Double wow, Reddit Gold. Thank you. I’ve also promoted “General” Akbar to “Admiral” at everyone’s recommendation. Props to OP though, he shared not only his battlestation, a passion we all share, but some heartfelt personal shiz.

And a second.

this is the best advice I’ve seen in this thread. I don’t know if /u/starstarstar42 was an inmate or an officer but I can tell you that from my time as an officer (over six years), everything he wrote in his post is spot-on.

If I can add only one or two more things though (from an officer’s perspective) to help you out:

In most cases, the officers working in the jail are there for 12 hours a shift. Most of them just want to finish the shift and go home. They do have orders and protocols to follow though. Don’t take it personally if a guard has to strip-search you or pat you down. Don’t take it personally if a guard has to search through your stuff. Follow the orders you are given (so long as an officer isn’t trying to abuse or molest you) and show respect. I promise that strip-searching you or shaking down your cell is something that nobody enjoys or wants to prolong.

There will be other inmates who won’t like you no matter what you do. They will set you up, they will lie to you, and they will snitch on you to other inmates or to the officers if it will get them something in return. To minimize this, try not to ever owe another inmate anything. Don’t borrow food, don’t owe favors, and don’t gamble with something you don’t have. The officers will get tired of moving you from block to block because you keep gambling and losing or because you keep making enemies.

Along those same lines: I don’t know how large the jail you will be in is. The jail I worked in contained anywhere from 400 to 500 inmates in the housing units and took in anywhere from 5 to 75 people in a 12 hour shift. For all of these people and for all of the work that goes along with that many intakes/releases/security, there were only 10 to 12 officers per shift. That means that in a given 12 hour shift an officer probably talked to about 300 to 400 different inmates, all with different faces and names and requests. If the jail you are in is even close to this size, don’t be upset if you ask for something and the officer never delivers. When I was on shift, if I didn’t write something down it probably meant I wasn’t going to remember. I wasn’t trying to be a dick to anyone in particular but, a lot of stuff happens in a 12 hour shift.

On that note: unless you are an ass or a trouble maker, the officers probably won’t remember your name. Don’t be offended. See my last point.

Finally, don’t say anything incriminating over the phone. Officers in the jail and deputies on the road can and will monitor phone calls if they have any suspicion of you or anyone you’ve talked to. As a matter of fact, just expect that anything you do or say, an officer is watching or listening to you. Don’t expect any privacy once you enter into the jail.

I could keep writing for hours about things like this but I think between my post and /u/starstarstar42 you should have a pretty good idea about what to expect. Just keep your head up, fight off boredom by reading and learning. Don’t break the rules, even if you think you won’t get caught. Respect is everything to officers and inmates, show respect even if you have to fake it. Don’t gamble or owe any inmate any favors or items. If an inmate owes you, don’t collect on that debt; it’s better that he owe you.

Good luck man. If you have any questions about life in jail from an officers perspective, please feel free to ask!


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So my friend is recently bought a martin d-28 at musicians friend which is really nice and sings like an angel of old. I wold use the word Harpy here however, they have bad reps in modern parlance. However, when Jason encountered them, they song was wonderful and had the men look at them.

I hope you have a really great day?

Well this is good news

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“Ministers are looking at saving tens of millions of pounds a year by abandoning expensive software produced by firms such as Microsoft. Some £200m has been spent by the public sector on the computer giant’s Office suite alone since 2010. The Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude believes a significant proportion of that outlay could be cut by switching to free ‘open-source’ software, such as OpenOffice, or Google Docs. ‘I want to see a greater range of software used, so civil servants have access to the information they need and can get their work done without having to buy a particular brand of software. In the first instance, this will help departments to do something as simple as share documents with each other more easily. But it will also make it easier for the public to use and share government information.’”

More NSA problems

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“New leaked NSA documents shed a new light on the agency’s assault on the data controls of smartphone apps. Using app data permissions as a jumping off point, the documents show agency staffers building huge quantities of data, including ‘intercepting Google Maps queries made on smartphones, and using them to collect large volumes of location information.’ One slide lists capabilities for ‘hot mic’ recording, high precision geotracking, and file retrieval which would reach any content stored locally on the phone, including text messages, emails and calendar entries. As the slide notes in a parenthetical aside, ‘if it’s on the phone, we can get it.’”

Failure of hard drives

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“Backblaze, the cloud backup company who open sourced their Storage Pod a few years ago, is now providing information on drive failure rates. They currently have over 27,000 consumer grade drives spinning in Backblaze storage pods. There are over 12,000 drives each from Seagate and Hitachi, and close to 3,000 from Western Digital (plus a too-small-for-statistical-reporting smattering of Toshiba and Samsung drives). One cool thing: Backblaze buys drives the way you and I do: they get the cheapest consumer-grade drives that will work. Their workload is almost hundred percent write. Because they spread the incoming writes over several drives, their workload isn’t overly performance intensive, either. Their results: Hitachi has the lowest overall failure rate (3.1% over three years). Western Digital has a slightly higher rate (5.2%), but the drives that fail tend to do so very early. Seagate drives fail much more often — 26.5% are dead by the three-year mark.”